With a huge selection of wines, champagne, beers, spirits and soft drinks on offer. So whatever your tipple, Casa Italia makes sure your meal is accompanied with the perfect drink.


Italian White Wine

1. Sauvignon, Borgo Rubeis, Friuli
175ml £4.50, 250ml glass £5.25, half litre £9.50, 1 litre £17.95
Light silver colour. Aroma of fresh citrus with banana skin and pears. Easy drinking and clean.
2. Chardonnay, Borgo Rubeis, Friuli £14.95
Brilliant clear greenish colour. Cox’s apples/floral, light with a refreshing final taste. Medium Dry.

3. Falanghina Bianco, Indomito, Campania £14.95
A light lucid colour, a gentle aromatic wine with a fine abundant fruit palate with lychee and pear drops on the finish.

4. Pinot Grigio Sauvignon, Venezia Giulia,Villa Rubini £16.95
A trendy serious white wine, shiny silver colour. Displays intense aromas of pineapple, citrus, elegant with plenty of fruit on the palate. NEW

5. Soave Classico, Carcera, Roncolato, Veneto £16.95
A single vineyard Soave with a light yellow green colour. A bouquet of yellow fruit and papaya, full and dry with an enjoyable touch of pistachio in the mouth. NEW

6. Frascati Superiore, Casale Mattia, Lazio £16.95
Gleaming yellow with pale green reflections, vivid honey Malvasia aromas enhanced by an expressive grapiness. Uplifting experience on the palate. NEW

7. Pinot Grigio, Praducello, Tenuta Rubini £19.95
Silver gold, aromas of elderflowers, hint of tropical fruit with an enticing sensation of citrus peel. NEW

8. Gavi di Gavi, Azienda Zerbo, Piemonte £21.95
Light Gold with a hint of green, a fresh delicate lime nose on a clean citrusy palate appealing hint of grassiness on the finish.

Classic White Wine

9. Sauvignon Blanc, Premium Long Tail, South Africa £16.95
Brilliant light gold, intense bouquet of pineapple, papaya, dry with a smooth lingering flavour.

10. Semillon, Sauvignon, Rooks Lane, Australia £16.95
Pale lemon colour, gentle aromas of white peach and fragrant limes.

11. Grüner Veltliner, Haindl Erlacher, Austria £22.95
An attractive silver with a touch of green colour. The citrusy, tangy aromatic bouquet is the key of this wine. Dry with a subtle sweetness in the middle on the palate, vivacious and crisp, retaining good minerality at the finish. NEW.

12. Chablis Domaine Raoul Gautherin, France £27.95
Gold Medal Winner. Clean pure Chablis, with its green tinge. Ripe, plenty of flavour, attractive with good structure and length. NEW

Italian Red Wine

12. Cabernet, Borgo Rubeis, Friuli
175ml £4.50, 250ml glass £5.25, half litre £9.50, 1 litre £17.95
Sourced from the Friuli. Bright red, aromas of freshly picked cherries revealing a mellow fruity sensation.

14. Merlot, Azienda Brunellesco, Veneto £14.95
A wine that can be drunk with any meal. Strawberry colour, light with a broad flavour of forward fruit, softly dry perfectly made to please. NEW

15. Montepulciano, Cantina, Carlo Magno Abruzzo £16.95
Scarlet red with purple glints, nose of plums with a touch of pepper cloves. Full bodied with plenty of red fruits.

16. Pinot Noir, Venezie, Azienda Salvalai, Verona £16.95
Garnet red, rich bouquet of blackberry, fragrant taste of black cherries with a delicious clovey finish.

17. Syrah, Don, Classic, Cantine Russo, Sicilia £18.95
Deep ruby red, plenty of red little fruit plums and vanilla notes, clovey, mocha, full bodied good finish.

18. Ripasso di Valpolicella, Accordini, Veneto £19.95
Remarkable black cherry red, a bouquet of sweet prune jelly. Full bodied with a full flavour of dates, chocolate, soft to the finish with an aftertaste of almonds and hazelnuts.

19. Primitivo, Manduria DOC, Terre Avare, Puglia £18.95
Brilliant red with violet reflections, nose of deep plums, spicy hints of black pepper, lingering sensation of chocolate on the finish.

20. Chianti Classico, Bello Stento, Madonnina, Toscana £19.95
Gleaming red with purple reflection cherries and plums natural flavours are perfectly up lifted by the Slovanian oak. A real taste of Tuscany.

21. Chianti Riserva, Novecento, Gini, Toscana £21.95
An enchanting wood aged wine, beautifully dark, almost black and full bodied with immediate cherry flavours on a rich, expressive palate, a silky wine with a lovely bouquet of Sangiovese.

22. Bellamarsilia, Morellino di Scansano, Toscana £24.95
90/100 - Wine Spectator. 85% Sangiovese and 15% Ciliegiolo. This attractive reflective red with ripe cherry and strawberry aromas. Delicious Sangiovese fruit flavours. NEW.

23. Etna, Collection, Rampante, Cantine Russo, Sicilia £25.95
Nerello Mascalese / Nerello Cappuccio Vibrant red colour, displaying bouquet of wild berries, vanilla notes, good balance, rich texture, cacao, elegant fruity finish.

24. Amarone Classico, Le Bessole, Accordini, Veneto £27.95
Condensed red, soul warming aromas of chocolate, mixed berries and nuts. Six years maturation in barrique gives an amazing taste of ripe blue berries and plums on the palate.

25. Barolo I Merli, Virna Borgogno, Piemonte £29.95
Our special Cru Barolo from a single Estate. Deep red. Rich flavours of blackcurrant fruit, oak and chocolate on a full rich long palate.

Classic Red Wine

26. Merlot-Cabernet-Rubis, Kirabo, South Africa £18.95
Red with black tints, fruity blackberries, medium bodied, great fusion of three succulent grapes give mouth watering morello cherry flavour.

27. Malbec Reserve, Finca Origen, Uco Valley, Argentina £22.95
Attractive and intense violet colour. Floral and ripe black fruit aromas such as blackberry combined with vanilla and chocolate. Sweet and velvety in the mouth.

28. Chateau Tertre de Calon, Montagne St Emilion, France £22.95
Glimmering red robe, bouqet of grilled red fruits. Beautiful expressions of nougat and vanilla enveloped in luxurious silky red berries, flowing finish.

29. Black Shiraz, Pepper Leaf, Victoria, Australia £22.95
From Victoria with a touch of Coonawarra. Black red colour, full bodied with a hint of blackcurrant, chocolatey, liquorice flavour, long full finish, packed with wild black cherries.

Rosé Wines

30. Malbec Rosé, Finca el Origen, Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina £17.95
A light pink colour. Fresh notes of strawberries and violets abound in the nose, with a juicy delicate structure. NEW.

31. Julius Caesar, Villa Rubini, Refosco-Merlot Veneto £17.95
Strawberry colour followed by instant impact of raspberries with a soft, quite firm taste linger on with plenty of little summer fruits.

32. Pinot Grigio Blush, Medaglia, Rubini, Venezia Giulia £18.95
Very light pinky salmon colour, bouquet of rose petals and raspberry. A fresh and delightful finish. NEW

Sparkling and Champagne

33. Lambrusco Rose, Frizzante, Emilia Romagna £15.95
Lively semi-sparkling, pink colour, effervescent foam with a light taste of newly picked raspberries.

34. Prosecco DOC Treviso, Corte Giovanni, Veneto £18.95
This Veronese Prosecco exhibits the most exciting silver green colour with enticing aromas of brioche and white raspberries. Exquisite, fine mousse with a long elegant finish.

35. Champagne La Romantique Brut, Verzenay £35.95
Silvery light colour, displaying a more refined bouquet of fresh baked cake, good body with plenty in the palate with a substantial length.

36. Champagne, La Romantique, Grand Rosé, Verzenay £36.95
Bright pink colour. A bouquet of ripe little fruit, medium body, fruity and fresh on the palate. NEW

37. Champagne Ayala Majeur Brut, Ay £39.95
Under the Vinification of Bollinger
Pinot Noir black fruit dominance brilliant golden yellow, dried apricots on the nose, plenty of fruit, full bodied with a skillful balance.

Mineral Water

Still Mineral Water (Half) £2.75 - (Litre) £3.95

Sparkling Mineral Water (Half) £2.75 - (Litre) £3.95

Soft Drinks

Coke £1.95
Diet Coke £1.95
Lemonade £1.95
Orange Juice £1.95
Pineapple Juice £1.95
J2O £2.95
Tonic Water £1.95
Pint of Soft Drink £2.95

Aperitifs (50ml)

Pimms £3.95
Martini £3.95
Campari £3.95

Spirits and Mixers

Malibu (25ml) £3.95
Bacardi (25ml) £3.95
Bacardi & Coke (25ml) £4.95, (50ml) £6.95
Gin (25ml) £3.95
Gin and Tonic (25ml) £4.95, (50ml) £6.95
Vodka (25ml) £3.95
Archers (25ml) £3.95
Jamesons (25ml) £3.95


Courvoisier (25ml) £4.95, (50ml) £6.95
Martell (25ml) £4.95, (50ml) £6.95
Hennesy (25ml) £4.95, (50ml) £6.95
Vecchia Romana (25ml) £4.95, (50ml) £6.95
Hennessy XO (25ml) £8.95, (50ml) £14.95

Sherry and Port

Sherry (50ml) £3.95
Port (50ml) £3.95


Peroni (330ml) £3.25 (660ml) £5.90
Magners Cider (568ml) £3.95